Sonny Angel Circus Serie 2019

Sonny Angel Circus Serie 2019

Sonny Angel Circus Series was released on June 13, 2019

Let the show begin!

In the newest special series, Sonny Angel is dressed and ready for the circus!
The theme of this Circus Series is “a sense of the extraordinary and mysterious”. The Sonny Angel Circus Series will bring you joy and laughter with whimsical colors and fun designs.
Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages… the circus is starting right now in your room!

The Ringmaster
Wearing a silk top hat and a jacket, he will guide you into Sonny Angel’s circus world!

The Elephant
He loves doing acrobatics as he balances a ball on his nose.

The Clown
With his bright red nose, the Clown brings happiness and laughter to all!

The Bear
With his party hat and ruffled collar, the Bear is styled to have fun at the circus!

The Circus Tent
No circus is complete without the circus tent. With its bright colors, he’s ready to bring the circus to you!

The Lion
This lion is definitely the king of the ring! With his crown and his ring of fire-inspired cape, he is ready for the show!

It's a surprise! He chooses you!

Sonny Angel is a collectors items so all figures are randomly packaged in blind boxes.
Which means, you won't know which figure you'll get until you open the box!

Total lineup of 6 different figures + Secret figures.
The price is per piece.
Not always a chance to get 6 different if you choose 6 pc. Sold in blind boxes.

Not suitable as a toy for children under 3 years.

Measurement: approx. 7,5 cm

Weight: 25 - 30 g

Material: Hard Plastic (ATBC PVC)

SEK 95