Sonny Angel Valentine's Day 2019 - OUT OF STOCK

Sonny Angel Valentine's Day 2019 - OUT OF STOCK

Release in January 2019.
Out of stock.

The 2019 Sonny Angel Valentine’s Day series was based on the theme of “Valentine’s Day to my dearest”.
Chocolate Fawn is having a red heart in front of its chest, It encourages you to convey your feelings to those who are important.

There are 4 different types available:
Chocolate Rabbit
Designed with the image of melty bitter chocolate.
It looks so delicious !

Chocolate Fawn
Designed with the image of milk chocolate.
The heart pattern on its head.
Gift one to your loved one, friends and family… or even to yourself as a special Valentine’s Day treat!

Chocolate Mouse
Designed with the image of white chocolate.
Its right ear is covered with milk chocolate.

Chocolate Sheep
Designed with the image of strawberry chocolate.
Kiss mark on its cheek give a sweet impression.

It's a surprise! He chooses you!

Sonny Angel is a collectors items so all figures are randomly packaged in blind boxes.
Which means, you won't know which figure you'll get until you open the box!

One assort box contains all 4 figures + 2 secret of this series.
However, there is only 1/144 chance of getting Robby Angel.
So try your luck!

* Please note that Robby Angel is not always included in 1 assort box.

** There is also no guarantee of getting Robby Angel even if you buy 144 pcs of product.

Not suitable as a toy for children under 3 years.

Measurement: approx. 7,5 cm

Weight: 25 - 30 g

Material: Hard Plastic (ATBC PVC)

SEK 95